Daniel Statham Appointed as RIBA China Chapter Committee Member

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has recently launched its China Chapter, the organisation’s sixth International Chapter and elected members of the committee.

Daniel Statham has been appointed as the RIBA China Chapter Committee Member, Out Reach Lead.

RIBA China Chapter will launch a “2020 RIBA China 100 Eminent Architect” initiative this year. Assembling leading design talents in the architecture and construction industry, it aims to probe into issues in the urbanisation process of China, to create solutions and to define trends for the future development of our urban environments.

PeaceBird Headquarters Shortlisted for CREDAWARD

PeaceBird Headquarters has won the high praise of the judges and been shortlisted for the 6th CRED AWARD, Public Construction Category!! The shortlist rate for this category is only 7.44% !

This year, CREDAWARD has totally received 1616 projects of 457 companies from 15 countries and regions (including China Taiwan and China Hong Kong).


CREDAWARD (China Real Estate & Design Award) was initiated by DJSER in 2014 as an international award in China real estate industry. It is the first to select the design from the perspective of real estate, and through the design perspective to select outstanding projects representing the real estate industry vane.

CREDAWARD has rapidly developed into an influential international award in China real estate industry because of the authoritative judges, strict judging process and the open selection mode. Now it is praised by the industry as one of the most challenging awards.

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PeaceBird Headquarters

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