Daniel Statham Appointed as RIBA China Chapter Committee Member

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has recently launched its China Chapter, the organisation’s sixth International Chapter and elected members of the committee.

Daniel Statham has been appointed as the RIBA China Chapter Committee Member, Out Reach Lead.

RIBA China Chapter will launch a “2020 RIBA China 100 Eminent Architect” initiative this year. Assembling leading design talents in the architecture and construction industry, it aims to probe into issues in the urbanisation process of China, to create solutions and to define trends for the future development of our urban environments.

PeaceBird Headquarters Shortlisted for CREDAWARD

PeaceBird Headquarters has won the high praise of the judges and been shortlisted for the 6th CRED AWARD, Public Construction Category!! The shortlist rate for this category is only 7.44% !

This year, CREDAWARD has totally received 1616 projects of 457 companies from 15 countries and regions (including China Taiwan and China Hong Kong).


CREDAWARD (China Real Estate & Design Award) was initiated by DJSER in 2014 as an international award in China real estate industry. It is the first to select the design from the perspective of real estate, and through the design perspective to select outstanding projects representing the real estate industry vane.

CREDAWARD has rapidly developed into an influential international award in China real estate industry because of the authoritative judges, strict judging process and the open selection mode. Now it is praised by the industry as one of the most challenging awards.

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PeaceBird Headquarters

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Daniel Statham Architects is invited to participate the 2019 LPS JUST DESIGN exhibition.

LPS is focus on bringing the best resource for real estate in the world to China, since 2010, LPS has successfully held 19 shows spread over Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou .


Gulin Vocational High School Design Competition Shortlisted

Daniel Statham Architects is shortlisted as one of the four companies to participate design competition for Gulin Vocational Hight School.

Gulin Vocational High School is one of the most famous high schools in China focus on training for culinary and kindergarten teacher . It is also the China training base for World Competition.

The site plot is 96,851 sq.m, total building area is 79,149 sq.m.

Hui Zhen Academy Design Competition Shortlisted

Daniel Statham Architects is shortlisted as one of the four companies to participate design competition for Hui Zhen Academy in Ningbo, China.

Hui Zhen Academy was founded in the autumn of 1995, in the spring of 1996, it was jointly invested and extended by Ningbo People’s Government and the Fan Family, represented by Mr. Fan Hongling, who is a Hong Kong entrepreneur and honorary citizen of Ningbo.

The site plot is 62,200 sq.m, total building area is 50,000 sq.m.

Shanghai Innovation Campus Shortlisted

Daniel Statham Architects is shortlisted as one of the four companies to participated in the international architectural conceptual scheme competition for Block G18 & G19 Minghong Development Zone, Shanghai.

Project located in the new CBD of MingHong district. The site including two parts, site 26A-03A is 82,194 sq.m , plot ratio is 2, and site 26A- 04 A is 2,722 sq.m , green land.

THINK IN – Super Aviation , New Opportunities

Daniel Statham is invited as the key note speaker for another Think In conference focus on discussing the new opportunities and challenges for China aviation development in Xia Men, China.

During the conference, Daniel has shared his experience in airport master plan and design, discussed about the opportunities in the airport economic zone development .

Studio is currently designing and involve in a master plan and concept architecture design for airport economic zone development.




PeaceBird Headquarters Project Status

Ningbo PeaceBird Fashion Headquarters has recently finished topping up.
Studio received latest drone image for the project status. Project plan to be complete by June 2019.

It will be the first titled round building in China with internal garden, roof garden, double columns that not only reduced the size of internal column, but also created roman- tic balcony that staff and visitor can use for discussion, recharging and enjoying the garden view.

Studio also designed the tallest titled sliding glass door for the main entrance, visitor can go through the main entrance, enter the five floor tall lobby , and get direct view of the central garden.

This building will be used as PeaceBird Headquarters and R&D center .