This project was a creative collaboration with Vivian Rosenthal in New York. Together we created an installation for product launches at Samsung in Seoul for their HQ. The objective was to create a spatial experience that captured the brand identity and new technologies. The installation itself derived from the company logo. The design became a three-dimensional piece that could slide open and reveal and interactive interior space. People could enter this space and sit within the internal projected environment that would demonstrate and communicate the new technologies and products for Global release.
The internal structure stiffens the overall form and integrates seating and lighting. The external monocoque form is fabricated in two segments. These segments are fabricated of two layers and aluminium framing within the cavity zone. Within the cavity also lighting is housed with LEDs providing the illumination. The outer skin is a translucent composite that allows light to host across the three-dimensional monocoque surface.
The materials make this a lightweight and rigid piece that can be moved from the HQ area to the ‘Launch’ auditorium.